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NeoChild is proud to announce the patent issue of our enteral feeding system; ‘The SafeChild System®.’ The only patented enteral safety system of its kind!

NeoChild Patent Information:

Our Offical Patent Announcement

Safe Child System Patent Document

Safe Child System Canadian Patent Document

NeoChild 510K Filings

NeoChild has several 510K filings for neonatal products:

Safe Child System enteral feeding tube and accessories and feeding tube extension set

Non-IV adaptor for NG feeding tube

Pediatric feeding tubes

Pediatric urinary catheter

Intravascular administration set

Read about Neochild in the Dallas Business Journal:
"The product, called the Safe Child System, helps prevent tubing misconnections, a never event for hospitals"

Resources on Tubing Misconnections

NeoChild agrees with the Joint Commission’s recommendation to cease use of standard luer syringes for oral medications or enteral feedings. In addition, NeoChild is proud to provide the ‘The SafeChild System®’, a product developed with a “designed incompatibility,” as urged by the Joint Commission to prevent dangerous misconnections of tubes and catheters.
The following are resources that explain the need for hospitals to use non-compatible lines.  Please take the time to review these important documents to make sure your hospital is doing all that is possible to prevent these tragic occurrences from happening: 

Joint Commission Recommendations on Tubing Misconnections
The Joint Commission, Sentinel Event Alert, Issue 36 - April 3, 2006
“Tubing misconnections—a persistent and potentially deadly occurrence”

Joint Commission Alerts Organizations to Tubing Misconnection Risks
The Joint Commission, Sentinel Event Alert - August 20, 2014
“Avoiding Catheter and Tubing Misconnections”

Food and Drug Administration
Luer Misconnections

The New York Times reports on Tubing Misconnections Tragedies
The New York Times, August 20, 2010 by GARDINER HARRIS
"U.S. Inaction Lets Look-Alike Tubes Kill Patients"





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